How to sell broken iPhone: Make More Money from Your broken iPhone

If you drop and break your iPhone accidentally, you might want to know how to sell broken iPhone. You may have bought a new iPhone but your broken iPhone is still worth some money. You can still squeeze money out of it by selling it. Perhaps, you think that just because your iPhone is broken it is now useless and the only thing you can do is to throw it away. This is not true. There are many people that will find your broken iPhone valuable and they will be glad to purchase it. Such people will use their knowledge in repairing the device to a working condition. Our experts provide valuable tips that will enable you to get most money selling your broken iPhone.

Why your broken iphone is still worth some money

As long as your iPhone has the Apple name on it, it is still valuable even if it is broken. This is especially the case for the latest iPhone models such as iPhone 4s and 5s. The demand for these iPhone models is still high and there are many consumers that are willing to pay a considerable amount of money for them even if they are broken. Some of these will purchase the device, repair it themselves or have an expert repair it. Thus, your broken iPhone can be bought by repair technicians with the full knowledge of its problem. The technicians procure the devices at the right prices after which they assemble them into perfectly working devices and sell them as refurbished iPhones.

Repair your broken iPhone to get a better deal for it

You will not get a lot of money by selling a broken iPhone in its condition. The most ideal way of getting a good deal on your iPhone is to repair it first. Taking a broken iPhone to a reputable repair shop where it can be repaired professionally will increase its resale value. This means that you will sell your iPhone as a device that is in perfect working condition. Nevertheless, this implies that you have to invest some money in the repair. However, the cost of repair can be passed on to the buyer.

Explore the available options

You can pay the cost of repairing the iPhone from your pocket. Alternatively, consider the warranty of your iPhone. Maybe the broken part of the iPhone is covered by the Apple warranty that you got when you bought the phone. You can use Apple Warranty Look Up, a tool that enables you to determine whether your iPhone is still covered by the warranty. With this knowledge, you can now book an appointment to have a technician from Apple repair your iPhone. Once the device has been repaired, you can still sell it at a higher price or use it for some time.

Generally, your iPhone does not become useless once it is broken. Our iPhone sale service enables you to make money selling your broken iPhone. Simply decide whether to repair or sell broken iPhone in its condition and make money from it with ease using our iPhone sale service.

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