Louis Armstrong – "We Have All the Time in the World", 3. Jack White & Alicia Keyes – "Another Way to Die", 8. Gladys Knight is an R&B queen, and her attempt at a Bond tune brings some necessary soul to what could be an overwrought and bloated theme song. Maybe Madonna should have had her shot at a James Bond tune when she was an up-and-coming '80s pop star. Sam Smith is adequately brooding to deliver it. The intrigue? Radiohead – "Spectre" 6. Another Bond song in the bunch that earned an Oscar nomination, Sheena Easton's contribution to the franchise remains one of the biggest hits of the Bond themes. And Shirley Bassey's booming vocals, paired with the brassy orchestrations, pull of the impossible: She can make these ridiculous lyrics, and the ludicrous title, actually work. Tina Turner is a perfect choice for a bond theme song, and this one that accompanied Pierce Brosnan's debut as 007 is slinky and sexy and reminiscent of Shirley Bassey's three songs. Browse James Bond Music. But it simply sounds like a rehash of its predecessor, an unremarkable ballad about a man who strikes "like thunderball," which doesn't actually make any sense. The synthy horns definitely date "License to Kill," which sits on the slow-jammy side of the Bond theme song spectrum. Shirley Bassey – "Diamonds Are Forever" 2. Nearly All the James Bond Movies Now on Netflix. But while Eilish may still be a kid, she’s no amateur—as her 2020 Grammys sweep well proved. When she whispers "Sigmund Freud," I can't stop my face from scrunching up in frustration. Protean. This music-forward approach is unique to Bond, which sets the tone with an original song - usually delivered by one of the biggest stars of the day - in the opening credits. You get the sense that Crow doesn't really care either way what happens tomorrow. But she nails the sultry vocals with a particularly '90s ennui. Co-written by crooner Anthony Newley, the song was inspired by 'Mack the Knife' and was produced by Beatles legend George Martin. Coupled with strummed acoustic guitar and an electric guitar playing that same opening string melody, Nancy Sinatra's Bond song takes you right back to the Swinging '60s. Yep. It's Autotuned to hell, and actually has the singer inexplicably purring, "Sigmund Freud: Analyze this." Those moody strings that open this tune are a perfect fit for Nancy Sinatra's brooding voice. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io, Here's When to Expect 'Lupin' Part 2 on Netflix, Here's What's Fact and What's Fiction in 'Lupin', 'Umbrella Academy' Season 3 Is Already Set Up Well, 'The Office' Showrunner on Possibility of Reboot. It's also corny as hell. For any performer, recording a Bond tune guarantees a spot in music history. As a member of the Jimmy Wakely Trio and as a session musician, he was an important support musician in dozens of B Westerns, working alongside Wakely, Tex Ritter, and Johnny Mack Brown. As soon as the beat drops, things go off the rails, with Madonna's AutoTune-soaked vocals sounding more appropriate for a secret agent-themed America's Next Top Model episode rather than a blockbuster action movie. Plucked harp? All Tracks (248); James Bond Tracks Using Samples; James Bond Tracks that were Sampled Melancholy. A Ranking of Every James Bond Theme Song, From Billie Eilish to Paul McCartney 1. It's a striking psychedelic number, so perfectly late '60s and darkly romantic. Billie Eilish - … This song feels more like a standard than any of the rest thanks to Louis Armstrong's iconic vocals. The theme from Octopussy—which, for understandable reasons, does not share a title with the film—is classic AM Gold and a bona fide smooth pop hit. It's a top-notch McCartney song that just so happened to be in a Bond film, not the other way around. In the first two movies, they were something of an after thought, but Shirley's theme tune to 'Goldfinger' went POW! One of the most decadent Bond songs—and it's not even Bassey's best Bond song. A new Bond movie fuels years of speculation. Moodiness helps. It's there. Ever since Dr.No hit theaters in 1962, the James Bond movies have given us more memorable songs than any other franchise. While it incorporates The Spy Who Loves Me in its lyrics, "Nobody Does It... 3. It's unfortunate, however, that—much like the film it represents—it's not exactly a standout in the franchise. “No Time to Die” caps the Daniel Craig Bond era with a haunting slow burn of a ballad that melds Eilish’s signature vocals with classic Bond orchestration. Carly Simon's "Nobody Does It Better," Sheena Easton's "For Your Eyes Only," and Rita Coolidge's "All Time High" offer their own version of Bond style, and it feels like a blood-relative of, say, Chris Cornell's "You Know My Name." Bond music has inspired a number of cover albums in a variety of genres, including the 2007 album Mister Bond – A Jazzy Cocktail of Ice Cold Themes (lounge), Shaken and Stirred: The David Arnold James Bond Project featuring David Arnold collaborating with several contemporary artists. Our product picks are editor-tested, expert-approved. But when a Bond theme is more about the capital-V Vibe that Bond evokes, it has a way higher success rate. The 10 Best James Bond Movies on Netflix, Ranked, Radiohead Shares the 'Spectre' Bond Theme Song You Deserve, Sam Smith Will Sing the James Bond Theme Song for 'Spectre'. Tom Jones seems like the perfect vocalist for a James Bond tune. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Shine - Bond on AllMusic - 2002 - A sort of cross between Sex and the City and the… All I can think of when I listen to "All Time High" is those erectile dysfunction commercials where two Boomers hold hands in separate outdoor bathtubs while admiring a Sonoma sunset. Music, Film, TV and Political News Coverage. It's a nice song, but not a standout. While it incorporates The Spy Who Loves Me in its lyrics, "Nobody Does It Better" was the first Bond theme song with a different title than the film. Like, we get it, we're about to see a movie about James Bond, we're all onboard. 75 Greatest Boy Band Songs of All Time From the Jackson 5 to BTS: here are the most scream-worthy boy band songs It's gauzy, a clear throwback to classic Bond ballads. But what distinguishes the wheat from the chaff is a Bond theme song's ability to transcend its limited role as the accompaniment during the title sequence. Those artists who have recorded a Bond theme make up an exclusive club, stretching back to the '60s and spanning genres, but all sharing one thing in common: they're cool (or at least they were cool at the time). This captures less 007, the action star and more 007, the man of mystery. "Live and Let Die" is certainly the song out of this batch that my dad would most often crank up really loud in his Saab with my sister and I riding in the backseat. Bonds latest albums. There are few honors more coveted in popular music today than being asked to perform the James Bond theme song. Years later, it feels like the song is overpowered by Adele herself, who at the time was coasting on the success of her record-breaking album 21. An Australian/British string quartet that specialises in classical crossover music. Her ballad, "No Time to Die," will accompany a film by the same name. It's really shocking that Adele's 2012 track was the first Bond theme to win an Oscar for Best Original Song. It's simply unremarkable—not terrible, not great, ultimately forgettable when compared to other songs from this early Bond era. How does Eilish stack up against other theme songs from over nearly 60 years of Bond movie history? Music, Film, TV and Political News Coverage. Coming ofnthe heels of 1964's Goldfinger (which introduced the opening credits song, sung by Shirley Bassey), Thunderball put another Welsh singer—this time a man—behind the mic. … And don't get me wrong, it's a serviceable love song. That opening string motif is just so of-the-times. After the Barry numbers, the quality of the music declines sharply, with the only really first-rate non-Barry Bond theme being Bill Conti's "For Your Eyes Only". No disrespect to Madge, but this just does not work at all. There's more rock 'n' roll swagger in this duet than the Bond franchise is accustomed. Adele is our generation's most gifted torch singer, and she makes almost too much sense as a Bond chanteuse. Every classic action film series has great music, and James Bond is no different. A guitar-based pop-rock quartet on Sony's Work label. Stealthy. Including Madonna, Jack White, Shirley Bassey, and everyone in between. Billie Eilish is the latest star to join the Bond theme song club, fresh off being this year's Grammy darling due to the success of her debut LP, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? Any Bond theme that prominently features smooth saxophone over a saucy trumpet is making a choice—and it's the wrong one. Instead of offering a memorable Bond song, we got what sounds like a forgettable track from a late '90s grunge rock compilation of theme song covers. Sheryl Crow is certainly an odd choice for a Bond song, especially since it doesn't really capture her general vibe as a solo artist (the dripping strings do, however, bring to mind Bobbie Genty's "Ode to Billie Joe," a song Crow later covered). While even the singer's biggest fans are unlikely to consider "You Know My Name" one of his best tunes, the high-energy song has an exotic swagger that fits Bond perfectly and the horn motifs hark back to the classic Bond era. Yes, it's not as shadowy as the rest of the Bond catalog, but who cares? Monro's voice is front-and-center, allowing it to really soar over the orchestra serving as a sonic foundation. This Guy Did a Year-Long Pushup Challenge, Dr. Sanjay Gupta's Best Tips for Brain Health, How Taking Up Running Kept Me Sane in 2020, Tanner Buchanan Talks 'Cobra Kai' Season 3, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. 2. Pay close attention to Shirley Bassey singing "Moonraker". It may be the best song on this list, but it's not the best Bond theme song because it has an entire life outside of the film. Nowadays, only top artists get asked to sing the James Bond theme song, including Adele, Madonna, and Sam Smith. Duran Duran - 'A View to a Kill' Every product was carefully curated by an Esquire editor. This song gets high placement for the simple fact that if you were to tell me, "Hey, Louis Armstrong did a Bond song," my assumption is that it would be very, very bad. It's so evocative, building layer upon layer effortlessly, anchored by a first-class vocal performance from Bassey. It starts off as a soothing ballad, then takes on what sounds like a... 2. It's also one of two Duran Duran No. Jones is an eloquent and effective deliverer of songs which ooze languid sentiment, but John Barry and Don Black’s effort is the first Bond song to sound formulaic. James Bond movie theme songs are the cinematic equivalents of paperback book-series covers — … Tina Turner totally makes sense for a Bond theme, and she oozes nostalgia for the film's original era on this cut for Pierce Brosnan's 1995 debut as 007. Probably the most well-known Bond theme song in recent years, Adele recorded Skyfall shortly after the massive success of her second album 21 – … Almost always a bravura vocal performance. BOND Quartet's songs: Listen to songs by BOND Quartet on Myspace, Stream Free Online Music by BOND Quartet Shirley Bassey – "Diamonds Are Forever". It's just not a Bond song! Radiohead is such a slam-dunk choice for a Bond theme song that...the producers decided to swap "Spectre" out for Sam Smith. Shirley Bassey is the Queen of Bond theme songs, with several entries on this list. Bond has been described as the best-selling string quartet of all time, selling over 4 million records. 1,548 words Is Billie Eilish’s new Bond song, “No Time to Die,” the worst Bond song ever? Johnny Bond had several successful facets to a career that lasted over 30 years. This lush ballad suits Sean Connery's Bond exceptionally well, and effectively transports the listener back to the original era. Paul McCartney & Wings – "Live and Let Die". But where's the danger? If a Bond theme song could function as a first dance song at a wedding, it's not really a Bond theme song. It became the first James Bond theme to hit #1 on the U.K. pop singles chart. Bassey's the queen of Bond for a reason, and this is the standout among her oeuvre. There is also a song by A-ha. What familiar faces from MI6 will return? Carly Simon – "Nobody Does It Better". Not awful, but easily the least memorable of her contributions to the Bond pantheon. Who’s the latest big bad? Britain's Royal Philharmonic Orchestrareleased an album of several Bond songs p… Article continues below advertisement We may earn a commission through links on our site. 'Cobra Kai' Stars Open Up About Awkward First Kiss, Every Marvel Easter Egg in 'WandaVision' Trailer, How Miguel Beat Kyler in the 'Cobra Kai' Finale, Netflix Just Ordered Season 4 of ‘Cobra Kai, 26 New Shows We Can’t Wait to See This Year, 18. This was the song that made James Bond's theme music come alive. The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra recorded several albums with Bond music and performs in premieres and special events of Bond films. Pass. People love this jawn, and it's a staple on easy listening radio stations. Jack White & Alicia Keyes – "Another Way to Die", 9. It really just sounds like a sad Sam Smith ballad. But Crow is an odd choice as more of a pop singer-songwriter (rather than a belter or crooner) and it's hard to get past that. And that's just one of the reasons why Carly Simon's love ballad (written by EGOT winner Marvin Hamlisch) was such a bold choice for the franchise. "Nobody Does It Better" is a lovely song. Spencer Dukoff is the deputy editor of content strategy at Men's Health where leads audience development efforts across all platforms for the magazine. Paul McCartney & Wings – "Live and Let Die", 1. Points for creativity, but the guys from "Take On Me" are probably the strangest choice for a Bond theme on this list. Nancy Sinatra – "You Only Live Twice" 5. This sets the template for great Bond songs, and holds up exceedingly well as a cinematic masterwork. But never forget the classics: Play, Classified, Shine, Born, Bond Remixed, Explosive: The Best of Bond The quartet spent much of 2003 touring, particularly throughout Asia, and participating in the Miss Universe 2003 held in Panama City, Panama. Paul McCartney & Wings – "Live and Let Die". If you weren't paying attention, you might think Frank Sinatra is crooning this classic. It avoids all of the theme song cliches, eschewing those big horns and jazzy melodies for something more contemporary and folky for the 1977 film. History will not look kindly on that choice, but Radiohead's exclusion makes their dejected theme that much more powerful. From Russia With Love is the second James Bond movie, and the first with an original song composed for the credits—although the opening credits went with a short acoustic rendition, with Matt Monro's vocal track playing over the end credits. Shirley Manson singing in a Bond movie? So while there are two dozen Bond theme tunes, their quality varies pretty wildly, from the truly awful (sorry, Madonna), to the deeply dull (Sam Smith), to the true classics, like Shirley Bassey’s “Goldfinger.” Here are all the James Bond themes, ranked from the stinkers to the gems. Louis Armstrong – "We Have All the Time in the World", 7. Listen to 007 James Bond Music song in high quality & download 007 James Bond Music song on Gaana.com Music by Marvin Hamlisch, lyrics by Carole Bayer Sager; performed by Carly Simon. Do your best not to get lost in the dour piano, the enveloping strings, and Thom Yorke's pristine falsetto. Asking her to sing a more conventional ballad over an orchestra is a treat in terms of stretching her artistic skill set. 007 James Bond Music is a English album released on Oct 2012. It tugs at the heartstrings, is dynamically interesting, and is elegantly produced. The Story Behind the 'Stranger Things' Theme Song, Every Spider-Man Movie Ranked from Worst to Best, The Story of 'Unsolved Mysteries' CreepyTheme Song. But sadly, there is a lot of competition for that title. However, it sounds more like Billie is constraining herself to Bond World than Bond World is adjusting itself to Billie, which would've probably resulted in a more memorable song. Bow down. 007 James Bond Music Album has 1 song sung by Secret Agent. Don't you sort of wish David Bowie had recorded a James Bond theme? Here's another song in the catalog that takes all of the Bond cliches: big orchestra with swooning strings, a catchy tempo, and a big and bold vocal performance from Shirley Bassey. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the U.S. I'll take it. Every James Bond Theme Song, Ranked 1. At best, it's an ersatz "Skyfall.". There's a reason this one feels like an outlier among the other Bond tunes: While it was written by Bond composer John Barry, it wasn't used in the opening credits of On Her Majesty's Secret Service—which is often the most overlooked Bond film since it's the only one that starred actor George Lazenby. That wah-wah secret agent guitar? Instead, she phoned in this dance track for Pierce Brosnan's last (and worst) Bond film, Die Another Day. Swanky horns? It's not surprising that Jay-Z and Kanye West sampled this song in "Diamonds From Sierra Leone." Billie Eilish scares me (and I think she's supposed to). Then, whenever a James Bond nears the end of his run, practically every British actor under the sun is rumored to be contending for the big role. Note: Not every Bond theme is a Bond song. It's boring! They formed in … As much as we think of JB as an elite assassin and secret agent, he's also a bonafide loverman! Here is my ranking, from best to worst. We may earn a commission from these links. They don't merely emulate John Barry's iconic instrumental theme, but they build off of it in dynamic, unexpected ways to create something both wholly original and complementary to the narrative of the debonair 007. This theme song, however, is clunky, jarring, and ultimately pretty stupid. It's also light, breezy, and a little sexy—much like many of Roger Moore's Bond movies. Great Bond theme songs can overshadow mediocre Bond movies, while mediocre Bond theme songs can start great Bond movies on the wrong foot. Doctor No and On Her Majesty’s Secret Service have … Bond Songs, From Best to Worst Read More » Following the worldwide success of his debut album In the Lonely Hour, British singer-songwriter Sam Smith was selected to record the theme song for the 24th James Bond film Spectre. From "The Spy Who Loved Me." Consequence of Sound proudly ranks all the James Bond theme songs, including Billie Eilish's "No Time to Die", which will open the upcoming Bond film of the same name. Here's our ranking, from worst to best, of all the James Bond theme songs. interestingly, the formula works for ballads as well as rockers. Having sold in excess of 4 million records worldwide, BOND is the best-selling string quartet of all time. But the song never really...goes anywhere? Is Elizabeth and James' Love Doomed on Below Deck? Here's a track listing for the CD version of a soon-to-be-released music collection of James Bond movie theme songs. The only James Bond song to top the Hot 100, "A View to a Kill" is a memorable song from one of the series' least memorable films. Paul McCartney & Wings – "Live and Let Die" 4. The bad part? It's way better as an end credits song than an opening credits song. Lulu's pop stylings made her a blue-eyed soul icon, and her biggest hits are peppy and vibrant. "The Living Daylights" is not even a top-5 A-ha song, and that is saying a lot for a one-hit wonder. Sometimes strings, sometimes horns. Goldfinger, the third film in the Bond series, was the first to include an original song over its opening credits, thus setting the standard for the franchise. Too synthy, too tethered to what was in vogue at the time rather than opting for something more timeless. Yeah, I suppose. Adele – "Skyfall" 3. While Sinatra wasn't the first choice (Bond producers originally wanted Aretha Franklin, but then capitalized on the up-and-coming Sinatra who had a recent hit with "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'"), the theme song ultimately became one of her best-known hits. This might be a controversial placement, but I stand by it. Together Tania Davis (violin), Eos Counsell (violin), Elspeth Hanson (viola) and Gay-Yee Westerhoff (cello) are BOND, the original electric string quartet. Bond movies can be deeply, wonderfully cheesy. This enormously popular hit was one of only four songs from official Bond … The group made their movie debut playing themselves in a scene in Rowan Atkinson's James Bond spoof Johnny Englishfor which they also contributed the track … When Bond songs are explicitly about the character of James Bond, they can tend to fall flat lyrically. Like most of Wings' best stuff, it's essentially 3 songs in one, which helps to cover the spectrum of Bond theme moods: sentimental, frenetic, and charming. A swaggering vocal performance? Billie Eilish recorded the theme for the 25th Bond film, No Time to Die, at just 18 years old, making her the youngest artist ever to perform an original 007 theme tune. They also fitted in performing and filming a TV commercial for American department store chain Marshall Field's and made a commercial in Los Angeles for the Japanese karaoke manufacturer Daiichi Kosho. The video is equally iconic, with Nick Jonas saving his then-girlfriend Selena Gomez in a James Bond-style sequence. Is it good? This attempt by the venerable Welsh belter fits the mold of a Bond theme, with blaring horns and minor-key, lounge singer panache. Men's Health participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. The good parts about this song? There are several bands/musicians with this name. The sex? She's also the only singer to appear in the opening credits of a Bond film—and it's one of the few that did not incorporate John Barry's Bond instrumentals. Carly Simon – "Nobody Does It Better", 15. No, was released in 1962, the "Bond song" was a simple theme, but in the decades since, it's become an unparalleled honor. It's a polarizing song: extremely true to Cornell's instincts as an artist coupled with Bondian horn blasts, but maybe too Buzz Cuts for diehard Bond-lovers. "Live and Let Die" is unlike any other Bond theme song (or really like most songs), and that's precisely why it takes the number one spot. The build-up to the chorus makes me want to pump my fist in the air and crush some air drums. A decidedly 2nd rate Bond film with a top-class and gorgeous theme. This particular combo, however, is mostly unremarkable. -- G.G. A good song, perhaps overshadowed by the film itself. Find the latest tracks, albums, and images from Bond. But while hammy, out-of-date movies can make for very fun watching, corny tunes don’t seem to hold up quite as well. Despite her being a super on-the-nose selection, she pulls it off and delivers not only an all-time great Bond theme, but one of the best Adele songs in a catalog crowded with great songs. It's a great mix of White's goth-adjacent rock and Keyes's soulful voice. And that's okay! There's no big finish to latch on to, no earworm chorus that digs in and has you humming long after you've finished. It might be the most anti-James Bond theme song in the entire franchise, which serves this track well. But the whole tune comes off as unnecessarily hokey, especially with lyrics that are lacking any and all nuance. On paper, this song checks a lot of boxes. An entirely serviceable, if not world-conquering entry by the '90s rockers. That he doesn't lean into Bond musical tropes and still manages to turnaround a song that works within the franchise while simultaneously being enjoyable in and of itself is an achievement, and a tribute to Armstrong's enduring brilliance. But it lacks the gravitas and drama of the best theme songs. While Turner's vocals aren't as powerful as Bassey's, her instrument blends well with the big orchestrations. From "Goldfinger" to "No Time to Die," we break down the best tracks playing alongside 007. That voice! You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io, The Case for Regé-Jean Page to Play James Bond, Pierce Brosnan Deserved Better Bond Movies, A Brief History of James Bond's 007 Designation, Hollywood Mours Sean Connery: 'A Legend On Screen, Sean Connery Was So Much More Than James Bond, Sean Connery, Beloved James Bond Star, Dies at 90, Everything We Know About the Next James Bond Movie, 12. I get the feeling that the Bond producers had the same dream, but they couldn't book him for the gig and instead got... A-ha. It just does nothing to prep me for a secret agent movie that's about to go down. Sign me up. This is the worst of those entries. Casino Royale is an excellent Bond film, and the first one featuring Daniel Craig. The history of James Bond theme songs all boil down to one, simple construct of music: talented singers belting out tunes that are either supporting the heroes or lamenting the villains. It works a lot better in practice than one would expect, but it's not exactly the most memorable Bond tune. Wrong movie franchise, lady! Jack White and Alicia Keyes's duet is the only two-hander in the film franchise, and the Quantum of Solace theme is one of the good true rock songs in the Bond catalog. Daniel Craig's first outing as 007 was a hard reboot for the series, but the Casino Royale theme song by Chris Cornell didn't match the film's bold new vision for the globetrotting spy.
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